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Beautiful Futures is a project funded by the Government of Canada that will provide work experience and job mentoring to youth aged 15-30 years old that are keen on joining Alberta’s Beauty industry.

We thank you for your interest in taking on a project participant. Please complete the form below. An Executive Spa Group representative will contact you within 48 business hours after submitting this form.



Please select the current number of employees you currently have.

During the project, employers are asked to provide a 12-week work experience in an entry-level position. Wage subsidy is available for employers throughout the course of this project. Funding for this project comes from the Government of Canada. Will you be requiring a wage-subsidy?

Are you looking to take on multiple participants?


I understand and agree that: (i) this is an application for  Executive Spa Group's Youth Employment program and is subject to the limitation of available resources; (ii) any misrepresentation of information may result in the cancellation; (iii) my information will be reported as required by federal authority. I certify that all statements on this application are true and complete.  I authorize Executive Spa Group to verify them.

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