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ESG: Beauty Career Recruitment

ESG is a beauty industry resource centre, as a result, we engage daily with individuals looking to join the beauty industry.

As business professionals, we work to strengthen Alberta’s beauty industry in consultation and collaboration with industry, employers, and community partners.

Our recruitment strategy…

career and employment support

Our Career and Employment Consultants assess career, employability, educational, employment and financial needs of individuals.

Similarly, we assist clients in making informed choices that enable them to support themselves and increase their employability, economic, and social well-being.

Above all, we help individuals identify realistic and meaningful life and career goals by using theories of human behaviour and adult development.

In short, some of our activities include:

beauty career consultants
  • Assisting clients in clarifying and prioritizing employment needs.
  • Determining eligibility for existing educational programs.
  • Providing advice in relation to educational options and financial resources.
  • Relaying labour market information to clients for employment and training options.

Funding for Education

In addition, we help clients access possible funding and supports. For example, we assist clients through the student funding application process. Subsequently, where applications have been denied, we help to outline the appeal process and seek alternative resources.

Successful completion

training provider

Employment after program completion means continued availability of student finance options to designated schools in Alberta. Consequently, our recruitment strategy promotes achievable training goals that lead to increased employability, therefore, repaid student loans.

“It takes collaboration across a community to develop better skills for better lives.”

José A. Gurria
Beauty Industry Resource Centre
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