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Working in the beauty industry with a criminal record

Can you work in the beauty industry with a criminal record?

We all make mistakes, especially when we’re young! The consequence of having a criminal record can present itself in heartbreaking disappointment when it comes to employment. However, working in the beauty industry with a criminal record is possible.

If your passion is beauty industry-related, don’t let a criminal record deter you from achieving your dreams. The beauty industry in Canada is included under Personal Care Services Code 8121 in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). This group is made up of businesses primarily engaged in providing personal care services (Statistics Canada, 2024). There are a number of occupations within Code 8121. For example, Hairstylist, Esthetician, and more specialized yet, Nail Technician, Lash Technician, PMU Artist, and so on.

In addition to encompassing a number of occupations, the beauty industry offers a variety of methods to earn money and not all require criminal record checks.

Methods of Employment in the Beauty Industry

Working in a Salon or Spa

Most employers in Personal Care Services are open to hiring Service Providers with criminal records depending on the offence and the amount of time that has passed since. An employer is more likely to be concerned with your education, experience, and perhaps social media following on a professional account. On the other hand, if a criminal background check reveals an assault or theft, you may want to be prepared with a response that will make the employer oversee the offence.

A few agencies in Alberta, Canada help people with criminal records find work. In particular, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Northern Alberta helps women in contact with the legal system.

Sole Proprietors

Many service providers go the sole proprietor route and rent a room or chair from an established salon, or start a home business. The ability to be your own boss makes having a criminal record irrelevant when working in the beauty industry.

Keep in mind that being your own boss takes discipline to succeed in the long run. We recommend starting as small as possible and working your way up. For instance, take a short course in an introductory skill (i.e Manicures and Pedicures) and build a small clientele from that service. As your clientele grows, learn more skills, gain new clients, earn more money!


Corporations aren’t always big, faceless companies. Many of your neighbourhood storefront salons and spas are corporations. If you decide to incorporate your business, similar to a sole proprietorship, having a criminal record is irrelevant when you are your own boss.

Beauty Industry Resource Centre
(780) 604-2772


Statistics Canada 2024, accessed 1 May 2024, <>

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Do you have any questions regarding work-related concerns?

The Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta have set regulations for all Canadian employers and employees to abide by. This resource list includes contacts for regulations surrounding work-related concerns, specifically, employment standards, human rights, and workplace health and safety.

See our contact list below or contact us directly for more information.

Visit Employment Standards if you have questions surrounding:

  • Earning deductions
  • Holiday pay
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Termination
  • Pay records
  • Minimum wage
  • Vacation pay
  • Complaints

Visit Human Rights if you have questions surrounding:  

  • Dress codes and appearance
  • Duty to accommodate
  • Fairness in hiring
  • Leave for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Personal and sexual harassment
  • Respect in the workplace
  • Workplace discrimination

Visit Workplace Health and Safety if you have questions surrounding:

  • Safety training
  • Working alone
  • Worksite hazards and controls
  • Reporting an injury
  • Emergency response and preparedness plans

Finding the right information can be cumbersome at times. We hope this online resource helps! Executive Spa Group is a career and employment consultants that specializes in beauty industry work related concerns.

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Beauty Jobs Alberta

beauty jobs alberta
ESG Job Bank: Find or post beauty jobs in Alberta.

A job bank dedicated to beauty jobs in Alberta, Canada

Are you looking for beauty jobs in Alberta, Canada? Our job bank is beauty industry-specific and accessed by beauty professionals looking for employment opportunities in Alberta, Canada.

About us

Executive Spa Group offers beauty industry resources online that relate to career and employment matters.

Whether you are a recent graduate or a beauty professional with vast experience, our Career and Employment Consultant can help you answer beauty industry career and employment related questions.

Resources include: 

  • Résume critiquing
  • Résume development
  • Interview prep
  • Explaining gaps in employment
  • Working around lack-of or problem references
  • Employment Regulations and Standards

Employment or self-employment opportunities

Find both types of opportunities in our job bank! If you are seeking employment in an Alberta salon or spa, you can make our job bank work for you.

Or perhaps you are looking to rent a chair or a room within an existing establishment? If you are well-informed, renting space in your salon or spa can be an excellent method of secure income. Renting space in your salon/spa has pros and cons. Success in this personnel model depends primarily on 2 factors: your knowledge of rules and regulations on this topic, and the tenant/landlord relationship you conduct.

Browse by Job Type

Job seekers can also search for opportunities based on job type.

Tips when job searching

  • Use our template to help you create a resume and cover letter
  • Inform contacts used as references of your active job search
  • Avoid lengthy resume or cover letters
  • Keep job search records
  • Ensure voicemail is appropriate for job search

Tips when interviewing

  • Arrive on time, no excuses!
  • Prepare “ready-to-go” answers
  • Create your own list of questions for them
  • Do not offer private information until an offer of employment has been made in writing

Check out some of our other resources:

TRAINING 411: Beauty Educator Directory

Beauty Educator Program

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Tips on writing a resume

ESG tips on how to write a resume.

Why is it so hard to write a resume?

Writing a resume is difficult when you lack work experience or the training required to do a specific job. However, even when you have experience and/or training, putting the words down on paper can still prove a challenging task.

We recommend breaking down your resume-writing into two components:

  • Prep Day
  • Typing Day

Prep Day

What is your job goal? Have you narrowed this down to the industry? The particular employer? The more research you do, the better your resume will look.

Now that you’ve thought about your goal, allow yourself some time to think about the skills you think you need to have for your goal. For example, if you want to start at a “ABC Salon and Spa” as a receptionist, ask yourself, “what skills does that receptionist need to have?”

Let’s brainstorm…a good receptionist…

  • has a friendly demeanour and a welcoming smile
  • knows about services and products sold
  • is able to answer questions from clients
  • needs to work well with people
  • knows basic math
  • is able to use point of sales and booking systems
  • has good phone manners
  • ensures the clean maintenance of the facility
  • supports the team

Now that we’ve thought about the skills you would need for that particular position, ask yourself:

“What skills do I have that relate?”

Don’t focus so much on your duties at your previous job, as much as the skills you applied there.

If you have little to no work experience, think about skills you may use on your free time. What are your hobbies? Do they include particular skills?

Now that we have a list of your skills to pick from for later, our second task is to think about the personality traits required for your goal.

For example, a good receptionist has the following traits:

  • friendly
  • punctual
  • organized
  • intuitive
  • research-oriented

Now that you’ve thought about the traits you would need for that particular position, ask yourself, “what traits do I have that relate?”

Typing Day

Now that you have well-though-out ideas, organizing them into a resume will be a breeze!

Types of Resumes

  1. Chronological resume- your best bet if you have sufficient experience and the training required for your objective
  2. Functional resume- an excellent choice for those with little to no work experience
  3. Combo resume- best for those with skills from another industry not related to your job goal

Check out these helpful links:

Find a Job: A workbook to help you find the job you want

Work Search Basics

Visit our job bank.

Visit our job bank for beauty industry jobs. It is Alberta Beauty Industry- focused and contains up-to-date job listings in Alberta. 


Beauty Industry Resources

(780) 604 2772

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Career and Employment Beauty Industry Resources

Who are we?

We are Career and Employment Consultants who specialize in the Beauty and Personal Care Services industry in Alberta, Canada. Our mission is to cultivate the Personal Care Services industry and increase the standard in employment practices and occupational health and safety.

We help people overcome barriers to employment and develop skills, knowledge, and work experience needed to participate in the labour market either directly through employment or self-employment

Our free online resources can help your answer questions regarding training & education, employment, self employment, and hiring staff.

Years of experience

Our Career and Employment Consultants have teamed up with Beauty Service Professionals to truly understand the needs of the beauty industry in Alberta. As a result, we have created a repertoire of online service to help Albertans find beauty industry resources.

Combined, we have 40+ years of experience to help you address many beauty industry career and employment matters.

Resources to overcome barriers

We have the expertise to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Employment barriers come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, we have networks of people who specialize in all types of barriers.

The main goal of Executive Spa Group is to create an environment where Albertans can pursue their passion in light of employability issues that could potentially derail them from achieving their goals.

Service Providers

Online resources for Service Providers include our online job bank. Beauty job seekers can use our job bank to help them find employment opportunities in Alberta, Canada. It is updated multiple times per week to help you connect with employers in a timely fashion. Plus, find resume and cover letter templates online to help advance your job search.

On the other hand, if you are not a job seeker, and instead are a “course-seeker”, we have resources for that as well! We have compiled a list of beauty industry training providers in Alberta (and Canada wide for online learning) called 411 Training Directory.

In addition, our online blog is full of articles to answer questions regarding employment disputes, starting a beauty business, becoming a beauty educator, plus more!


Small business owners make up a large piece of the beauty industry ‘pie’ in Alberta, Canada. Many people find it an attractive option when it comes to their livelihoods. It is common to see people grow a successful beauty business from a single, short technical training course.

Online beauty industry resources for entrepreneurs can be found in our blog articles. These include articles on how to plan and execute your business idea, plus information on licenses and permits required for your new beauty business.


For some people, the next step after opening their own salon or spa is hiring staff. While this is a great achievement that deserves recognition, it does come with unenviable challenges. Picking the right people for your team and keeping them happy requires mental effort and a bit of luck!

Online resources for employers include our beauty job bank to help you find the ideal candidate. Because we specialize in beauty jobs, our job bank is attentive to the specific needs of Alberta’s beauty industry employers.

In addition, our online articles provide guidance on accessing any available grants to train new employees. On that note, here’s hoping you are able to create a great team! However, we also share resources with employers for when the work environment isn’t doing very well.

Beauty Educators

Some people are teachers at heart. If training others is your passion, our online resources include our free online 411 Training Directory to help you fill your classes. This directory is available to all Albertans searching for beauty courses in hair, esthetics, and massage therapy. Contact us by email to add your course to our directory.

Also, our online Beauty Educator courses help you prepare a curriculum that meets industry standards plus ensure that you meet any licensing requirements and permits.

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