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Where Can Your Esthetics Career Take You?

Esthetician, Medical Esthetician, Make-Up Artist, Skin Care Specialist, Lash Technician, Nail Technician…these are just a few of examples of where a beauty career can take you.

In today’s fast paced world with ever changing trends and constant growth of the beauty industry, this is a career that will always be in demand. An Esthetics career offers versatility as a person and as an artist, and gives you the choice to pick your area of expertise.

Your career route is flexible, there are Esthetics schools in Edmonton that offer full time programs or module courses. Choosing a Full time Esthetics programs will help you be well rounded Service Provider. Completing module courses can help you achieve your career goals as time and funds permit. Here are a few examples of what you can do with your beauty career:


Estheticians offer a wide variety of services including facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, body treatments and relaxation massage. Schooling to be an esthetician can be completed in under 1 year and gives you the fundamentals of your future career including theory and practical components. This is your core foundation to build upon and gives you the knowledge and experience to begin your future.

You can choose to work in a spa or open your own business whether it be from home or renting space in an existing establishment.

Medical Esthetician

Medical estheticians have chosen to build upon their core studies as an esthetician and specialize in treatments such as laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, advanced skin care and chemical peels. Advanced training can be obtained from Esthetics schools in Edmonton or you can be trained privately by your employer.
Your place of work can include medispas or a doctor/ dermatologist office.

Makeup Artist

Your beauty career as a makeup artist can prove to be the most versatile of them all. This is a great skill to have in addition to your esthetics certification or on its own. You can work as a freelance artist doing weddings and photoshoots, you can offer makeup services at a spa/ salon or work for a retail brand or company. You can also combine all of these options together to become a well-rounded artist and keep up on the latest trends (not to mention keep your kit stocked).

Some Esthetics schools in Edmonton offer advance training in Makeup Artistry focusing on television, film, high fashion, and creative makeup.

Other areas of expertise

These areas of expertise are specialized and can be added to your repertoire at any time during your career. Whether you are an esthetician looking to advance your education and service offerings or just wanting to learn and focus on one skill, these services are in demand and always on trend. Some of the most popular examples of specialized skills are nail technician, lash technician, microblading, dermaplaning and cosmetic tattooing.

These skills help you to stand out professionally as well as personally and give you the opportunity for optimum growth. These skills look great on a resume and help to make you highly employable and in demand.

Start Your Beauty Career Today!

What’s not to love about having a beauty career with so many avenues of growth?! The ability to customize and focus on the services that interest you and build on your strengths is empowering, the opportunity for advanced growth and education is endless. The beauty industry is one that will always be growing, always in style, and will always provide you with the opportunity to make a living loving what you do.

Talk to Executive Spa Group about your schooling options, Esthetics schools in Edmonton, paying for your education, plus more!

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Beautiful Futures

What is Beautiful Futures?

Beautiful Futures is a 20 week beauty industry youth employment program funded by the Government of Canada. The program trains participants in technical and employment skills, and provides work experience opportunities to youth aged 15-30 years old that are keen on joining Alberta’s beauty industry.

I am a YOUTH

Learn More


Learn More

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Working with botox in Alberta

So you want to work with botox injections and fillers…

I think first things first, we need to begin by stating facts:
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic is a trademarked product manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, Allergan Inc. Anyone who offers botox injections in their medispa is a consumer of this product, and the client in turn, is a consumer of the medispa.
  • Allergan is the biggest manufacturer of onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox), we were only able to find 3 other manufacturers in the world that supply similar products.
  • Allergan Inc. is also the supplier of other approved drugs intended for the central nervous system, eye matters, women’s health and urology, gastroenterology, Cystic Fibrosis, cardiovascular disease, and infectious diseases.
  • In the beauty industry, it is their products for esthetics and cosmetic uses, including its ability to counter the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows and around the eyes, that is of interest to us.

Who regulates Allergan’s products, specifically, botox/filler injections, in Canada?

Health Canada is the ministry responsible for ensuring every drug prescribed to Canadians performs its purpose safely.

By following the Food and Drugs Act and its associated cosmetic regulations, Health Canada regulates the safety, efficacy and quality of drugs and medical devices, including injections and fillers.

Health Canada conducts post market surveillance on all marketed health products. Health Canada also monitors research on interactions between drugs, medical devices, natural health, and food products, and communicates information to health professionals and consumers about the risk of potential interactions.

Manufacturers are required to provide Health Canada with reports of serious adverse reactions for health products they sell in Canada. Consumers and health professionals are also encouraged to report adverse reactions.

Who can offer this service in Alberta?

If you own a medispa and would like to start offering this service, be aware that you need to work with a physician or dentist if you are not one yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, esthetics nurses alone cannot offer this service. There must be a physician/dentist present on the premises. Medical/Clinical estheticians cannot offer this service.

Currently in Alberta,

Where can one go for this training in Alberta, Canada?

Alberta offers some choice in this matter. Executive Spa Group cannot comment on the quality of training providers and highly recommends interested parties conduct thorough research on training providers.

Here are a few:

Laser Sheer Academy

Online studies are also available:

Dentox Botox Training
Dr. Martin’s Training Centre Canada
The Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics

Contact Executive Spa Group to add information.

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Marketing Yourself- Using your Appearance to Grow your Beauty Career


Increase your employability and your clientele by marketing your appearance

Using your Appearance to Grow your Beauty Career

Service providers have an advantage when looking for work in this industry. Unlike other industries, the beauty industry is very visual which means that every service provider has the ability to market their service simply by working on their own appearance.

This might sound unappealing and shallow, but let’s think about it for a minute…

Our industry is about beauty; Making people feel beautiful and giving them confidence by providing services that will enhance their natural beauty. If as a customer I am unhappy with my skin, is it realistic to think I would go to an Esthetician with bad skin? Or if I am interviewing Makeup Artists for my wedding to do our makeup, I will NOT be hiring the Makeup Artist with the bad makeup job!

Yes, it can be unfair that service providers get judged on their appearance. After all, the wedding photographer won’t be judged on the way she looks- she will be given the job based on her portfolio and credentials. As service providers in the beauty industry, we must learn to use these pre-judgments to our advantage!

With this in mind, let’s talk about HOW we will use prejudgments to our benefit. How do we market ourselves?

Before you begin using your appearance to market yourself, it’s important to
  • Be aware of your services’ strengths and weaknesses—where do you excel? Where can you improve in your service? It is important to know yourself and identify your skills and accomplishments, as well as areas of improvement in your services.
  • Identify your customers and potential employers. Which employers have a client-base that would be a good fit for your qualifications, appearance, and work preferences? Do your research before applying anywhere. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more confidence you will have which will be evident in your services. There is a place for everyone in this industry.
Now that you have considered your services and target market, the following step is to present your skills, experience and qualifications using your appearance to get your foot in the door. Once you have your potential employer’s attention, you can use other marketing tools (resume, cover letter, portfolio…) that show the employer you’re the best candidate for the job ☺

TIPS for ALL Beauty Industry Service Providers:
  • As service providers, we are ALWAYS looking for new customers. This includes our time off while we are socializing. While it is unrealistic for us to be on our best behavior at all times, our technical skills should always be evident in ourselves.
  • Always carry your business card. If you are a Nail Tech and someone compliments your nails, you can say, “I did them!” as you give them your business card, and there- you just got yourself a new client, who might get you another 5 clients, and so on…
  • Create a professional social media page. A public Instagram page is a perfect portfolio as you post before and after pictures of your work. It requires pictures only, so you do not have to worry about writing anything. Give yourself an easy user name for people to remember. Remember, the beauty industry is visual, people will judge your work based on what they see…
  • Always act confident and remember- anyone can become your client. Keep your posture in mind, and don’t forget to smile when you meet new people. Get into the habit of shaking hands when you meet new people
  • Always keep your conversations positive when you meet new people. A good service provider makes the service all about the client. Clients do not want a service provider who complains about life! Negative people take from one’s aura; positive people feed the soul 😉
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Career Laddering in the Beauty Industry

Career Laddering in the Beauty Industry

Career Laddering in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has so much to offer. As a Career and Employment Consultant for the beauty industry, I am often asked, “Can someone build a career in the beauty industry?” My answer is always, “Of course!”

But first, we must understand the difference between a career, a job, and an occupation.

Let’s begin by elaborating on what is considered an occupation.

An occupation is a group of similar jobs that require some type of training and the continuous development of your skills and knowledge in order to remain current in the field. An occupation is a specific category of work; examples of occupations in the beauty industry include Estheticians, Stylists, Nail Technicians, Makeup Artists, Massage Therapists, and Laser Technicians. People can have different kinds of jobs within the respective occupations; for example, Stylists can choose to specialize in specific skills within their position, such as cutting vs. colouring.

A job is a particular position you hold doing specific duties. In the beauty industry, if the occupation is Laser Tech, an example of a job is all the duties you would provide at any particular spa, for example, providing IPL/Laser treatments, product sales, customer service, sanitation duties, and any other duties you may agree to when you accept any given job.

A career is the sum of all work activities. You can think of it like a portfolio of all the efforts you make that are related to field you work in, in our case, the beauty industry. In addition to the work activities you achieve, also included are any activities that you do at home, at school, in your community, etc.

Examples of career-building activities in the beauty industry:
  • Training on a new skin care line for Estheticians
  • Trying out new makeup lines and experimenting with different colours on your friends and family for Makeup Artists
  • Doing independent studies or researching online new trends for Nail Art for Nail Technicians
A career is considered a collection of efforts made towards a category of activities that are similar or related to one another with the purpose of earning a living.

The beauty industry offers many channels to specialize in. Careers in the beauty industry are fun, exciting, and full of promise, however, like in every other industry, it is up to the individual to develop their career.

A platform artist is a service provider who wears several different hats. They are performing service providers that are part educator, part entertainer, and part salesperson. They are reputable, well-known ‘gurus’ who perform on stage at beauty shows, industry events and advanced education seminars in major cities throughout the country (and sometimes throughout the world) to train, educate and entertain other service providers, beauty industry students as well as their peers. This direction of career laddering is excellent for service providers who are outgoing, enjoy living life by the moment, are looking for a higher level of responsibility without having to be tied down.

A platform artist must gain and retain their audience’s attention and get them involved and thrilled about the latest styles, as they are the trendsetters who develop different methods of doing services, and often come up with new trends. Some performances are designed to promote certain product or techniques, while others are meant to motivate interested parties.

Platform artists need several years of proven success as a service provider, utmost confidence, an animated personality, strong sales skills, perfected technical ability, and the desire to educate as they stimulate their audience through their public speaking.

They are representatives of large corporations who market their products by demonstrating them on stage at beauty shows, industry events and advanced education seminars. Beauty shows are full of excitement and can be thought of as large fairs such as Klondike Days, specifically for the beauty industry!

Instructors teach students the practices of particular occupations in the beauty industry. This type of career laddering is great for service providers who like teaching people how to meet and exceed educational and professional standards while providing an exceptional educational environment. If you are an individual that has over time developed superior technical skills who likes mentoring and having a significant impact on people’s development and educational process, instructing might be your next career move.

A beauty industry instructor teaches the theory and practice of a particular occupation to those who wish to become certified service providers.

Instructors may work for a variety of cosmetology institutions, salons and spas or even advise state board of industry committees in regulated jurisdictions.

Instructors must have extensive, first-hand knowledge and experience in all practices required to successfully provide services. They must be able to design a well-understood curriculum and teach theory in addition to successfully demonstrate techniques on live models and volunteers.

Instructors have excellent organization and communication skills and are able to assess students’ progress and take the necessary steps to ensure their complete and effective education.

Their main responsibilities in addition to designing and delivering a curriculum, they supervise and evaluate student classroom, practical, and clinic floor work while maintaining accurate records of student attendance, class participation, and testing. They are also responsible for arranging guest speakers (such as Platform Artists) when appropriate, as well as job shadows for their students.

Instructors are responsible for classroom management; ensuring students compliance with school rules and regulations by enacting disciplinary actions in accordance with the schools outlined disciplinary procedures when necessary.

Spa/Salon managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the establishment they manage, including finances, employees and services. This type of career laddering is perfect for people who have developed leadership skills throughout their career and like to coach and motivate people and help people set and attain career goals. Management is a great next step for service providers that like leading through inspiration, praise, and support and can gain the trust of the pack they are leading. They identify, plan, communicate and delegate appropriate responsibilities and practices to the team to ensure efficient flow of operations. Management is an excellent way to exercise leadership skills without having to invest large amounts of money, time, and effort into one’s own small business.

Salons and spas differ greatly in size, from small privately owned boutiques to large health spas located in resorts and hotels around the world.

In smaller spas (0-49 employees), managers often perform business tasks, as well as providing customer service while providing services to clients. In larger spas, a manager’s duties are usually concentrated on the business itself doing behind the scenes work that ensures business activities flow smoothly as clients come in for services throughout the day. General Managers of larger salons and spas have a team of supervisors/ assistants that deal with employees and customers that report to them. Managers drive the implementation of salon/spa activities by developing action plans and directly motivating and instructing the team to implement them to meet operational and organizational objectives.

Duties of a salon/spa manager will vary according to the services provided by the particular establishment. Many of the job duties however are business-related including recordkeeping, tracking of all important information such as sales and inventory, monthly reporting, quarterly business review, cash management, conducting promotional campaigns meant to increase the volume of clientele, managing conflict resolution within the team and client complaints, employee work scheduling, employee training schedules, hiring and supervising employees, payroll management, and managing relationships with stakeholders. Financial responsibilities include conducting analyses of reports that identify and address trends and issues in the performance of the establishment.

Working for yourself is the optimal promotion. It has great rewards but also comes with huge challenges. Small business owners invest and possibly risk their own money in pursuit of bringing their ideas to life. Initially, small business owners wear many different hats when managing the growth of their business but soon need to identify a team of trusted advisors whom they delegate certain tasks to.

Opening a salon or spa is a way to move up the career ladder for service providers who are creative, flexible, and crave a high degree of independence and mental freedom. However, becoming a small business owner has exclusive challenges and rewards that aren’t right for everyone. You MUST be driven, disciplined, patient and ever persistent in your self-employment journey.

Service providers who become small business owners must be able to identify a product or service that people need- in the beauty industry, our services and products are not primary and absolutely necessary. In fact, they are secondary necessities people buy for purposes of fulfilling the ego and self-esteem, which means business owners must be creative and exercise their business acumen when selecting and marketing their chosen services and products.

You have to develop marketing skills and be able to find your own work, because it won’t fall into your lap until after you’re well established. PERSEVERANCE IS KEY.

It is vital that business owners understand how to budget, keep records and handle small business taxes, as well as become familiar with employment laws if they want to hire staff. They need to evaluate strategic information and a fine focus on how to build the spa/salon’s revenue stream.

Owners of small businesses often participate heavily in the day-to-day operations of their companies, leaving them less time to provide actual services to clients. Though small business owners have the utmost level of authority within their businesses, they have to work very long hours and understand that ultimately their customers are their bosses. Small businesses can grow significantly in size over time. Every small business has the potential to become a large corporation with the right planning and support.

To learn more about career laddering in the beauty industry, contact Executive Spa Group, and remember, BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS!

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