paying for school

Savings, grants, bursaries, scholarships, and loans are some of the ways you can fund your studies


If you would like to pursue a career in the beauty industry but do not have the funds to pay for tuition and other related expenses, you are not alone.

There are many ways to pay for you studies:
  • earnings from part time work while you are in school can help you cover financial costs, for example, there are apprenticeship programs available that help you earn a wage while you earn your diploma/certificate. Not only do earnings from pt work help you cover costs, it also gives you valuable work experience that will work in your favour once you have completed your program
  • scholarships are awarded to students that show dedication to their studies. They are not always granted based on academic achievement, so do not worry if you did not have the best grades in school, you may still be eligible to receive scholarships
  • bursaries are often awarded based on financial need, these are different than loans in that you do not have to pay back bursaries awarded to you during your time of studies
  • Canada or Alberta government loans are great because you do not pay these until you are finished school. In fact, you are given a 6 month grace period before you begin to pay interest on these loans, often the interest rate is lower than a bank loan
  • Canada or Alberta Student Grants may be awarded to supplement your student loan, however, this portion of your loan does not have to be repaid once you graduate. Often, grants are given to students from Low-Income Families, students with dependents, students with permanent disabilities. Grants may also be issued to cover costs for services and equipment for students with permanent disabilities
  • student line of credit from banks or similar bank loans

There are several funding streams available for your new career in beauty! It all depends on:
  • the school you plan to attend
  • the program you are interested in registering in
  • whether you are working at the time
  • whether you are currently on EI
  • whether you have received EI in the past
Some types of funding available include:
  • Alberta Works for EI
  • Alberta Works Non-EI
  • Alberta Works for Apprentices
  • Training Support Application-Part Time Studies
  • DRES

Q: I’m on EI- sick benefits (or any other special benefits including maternity, parental sick, compassionate care) and want to go to school. Can I access funding?
Q: I want a career in the beauty industry but I am working and want to quit my dead-end job. What can I do?
Q: Can I get funding for short-term training such as Eyelash Extensions?

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