Module Training is an excellent way to fill employment vacancies and increase the skills and competencies of your current employees


Short Courses for Service Providers

Beauty Industry Employers- Thinking of ways to develop your staff, expand your service menu, multiply your client base, and increase your revenue?

Executive Spa Group offers short courses designed to add or perfect your staff’s technical skills and give them the necessary confidence and ability. This is a great way to invest in your current team by increasing their skills and competencies. Your employees will appreciate it. Our short courses are an excellent way to invest in your staff and salon/spa. Our certification courses are guaranteed to produce a great return on your investment, allowing you to earn more revenue by expanding your service menu and enhancing your team’s skills.

Whether you would like to add a menu item to your salon/spa service menu, or would like your staff to take any of our courses as a refresher, your staff will gain the assurance they need to safely provide services to your clients.

At Executive Spa Group, we are committed to your success and meeting the highest professional standard. Our classes are small ensuring your staff receive optimal training and knowledge retention due to our personal and comprehensive instruction. Our top-quality, hands-on certification course are taught by qualified and experienced instructors who are experts in the beauty industry. Our technical training is offered by Jhoenna Rosa, (previously an instructor at Eveline Charles Academy, and EIE MediSpa and Laser Training Centre). Jhoenna has over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She produced award winning students as an educator in her years of teaching. She has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of esthetic treatments.

Our short courses are thorough. They have been developed to equip your employees with the theory necessary to safely provide the service, plus the sufficient hands-on training time they need to do so confidently immediately after course completion. Our certification courses are detailed. Your service providers will complete our short courses with certainty and the ability to provide services in your salon/spa immediately.
Upon satisfactory completion of the short course, your staff will receive an industry-recognized certificate of completion.

Grant funding is available. Ask Executive Spa Group for grants available for our short courses. You could be eligible to save up to 67% on industry-recognized, short certification courses offered by Executive Spa Group. Learn about grant eligibility, take advantage of available grants and take your team to the next level!

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