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Face and Body Waxing Course

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Our next certification course is coming soon!


Our next waxing course in Edmonton, Alberta is on October 20 and 21, 2020. Learn how to speed wax in our upcoming certification course. Waxing 101 teaches the safe delivery of facial and body waxing. This includes health standards, contraindications, and product knowledge.

ONLINE REGISTRATION is now open. Please note we are following the COVID 19 guidance for personal services.

Waxer Job Description.

Waxers focus on manually removing unwanted facial and body hair by using warm or hard wax formulas. The process lifts hair out of the follicles for temporary results.

Earning capacity.

Waxing is a lucrative service. The average price clients pay for waxing in Alberta ranges from $22.5 to $71. This range is attributed to areas being waxed. For example, in 2020, the average price for a brow wax is $22.50, while a full leg wax costs $71.00.

The average service time ranges from 5-40 minutes, with facial areas usually on the lower end of that scale. Experienced waxers see lucrative earnings offering the service on their menu. Just do the math ☺️

Why take a face and body waxing course?

Taking this waxing course will allow you to reach new clients! This hair removal method is popular for many reasons!

  • Suitable for all hair types. 
  • Clients see immediate results.
  • Clients experience softer hair growth after waxing.
  • Waxing minimizes occurrence of ingrown hairs.   


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Hiring apprentices in your salon- yay or neigh?

Hiring apprentices in Alberta.

Hiring apprentices in your salon can be beneficial. Here are some FAQs employers have when considering hiring apprentices versus licensed hairstylists.

Can I hire an existing staff member as an apprentice?

Yes, for example, you may choose to promote your receptionist. Some people may even say that its a good idea to promote your receptionist/assistant/etc. This is because taking on an apprentice is a long term commitment and investment.

How much supervision is an apprentice required to have?

The supervisor has to be a certified hairstylist. This person will be a mentor and should have the qualities to mould the apprentice with correct technical skills and theoretical knowledge amongst other things.

Your apprentice must complete 1450 hours during their first period (12 months) and another 1450 hours on their second period (12 months)

You can stretch this out how it best works for you, but this works out to 30 hours per week on average.

Can an apprentice offer services at my salon before being licensed?

Yes, they can offer the services you teach them as they practice their skills. Your apprentice will have to enrol in technical training at some point during each period (start dates vary), but you can teach them the skills you want them to learn in the mean time.

What is the application process?

Your apprentice must apply online. There is a $35 apprenticeship application fee. After, you will receive an email asking you to complete the employer portion of the application.

A contract will be created from there which will be signed by both of you and voilĂ , you have an apprentice.

Find your apprentice!

You can use our job bank to search for your next apprentice!


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Things to know before embarking on your home business venture.

Are home businesses lucrative?

You bet they are! As long as you manage your business with the same effort and respect that you would a store-front, these businesses can bring in a lot of income with fewer expenses, leaving more money in your pocket!

What do I need to have a home business?

First, register your business.

You must register your business name in order to report your earnings to government authorities. There are 4 choices for you when registering your business, most people who run a small business opt for a sole proprietorship.

You will also need a business license, not to be confused with your hairstyling license or esthetics certification.

You will also require a business license and a development permit. This type of license is granted by the city. Home-based business must follow special regulations since they are located in neighbourhoods designed for living, not business.

Zoning bylaws are used to determine whether the city can grant you a home business license. Don’t be surprised if your neighbours are contacted to ask if they are ok with your particular business being on the same street as them.

Beauty industry home businesses are MAJOR businesses.

There are 2 types of home businesses. Because beauty industry businesses have clients coming to the home for services that are not typical of a residential area, they are considered a major home business. Major home businesses cause a degree of interruption to the neighbourhood, for example, less parking available for residents and their guests, versus minor businesses that typically do not receive clients in their home.

What about insurance?

Insurance is important for any business, including a home business. Not many insurance companies specialize in beauty industry insurance, an insurance broker may be able to help you find the right company for you. Your insurer should understand the specific challenges of beauty industry businesses.

Fees and other things to consider.

Registration/licensing/insurance all cost money. Luckily, home businesses today have the advantage of free marketing on social media! Instagram in particular is an excellent tool used by all beauty industry businesses, but has a spectacular impact on home businesses. Many clients use instagram as a way to find their service provider, who quite often has a home business.

Check out our Salon/Spa Startup and Canadian Spa Industry Standards courses.


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