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How do BEAUTYPROfiles benefit employers?

Start viewing profiles! visit and create your employer account.


ESG’s BEAUTYPROfiles are professional profiles created by service providers looking for employment opportunities.

Don’t get swamped with ineligible resumes! Our PROfile bank allows you to browse anonymously and search profiles by industry skills.

How do BEAUTYPROfiles work for employers?

The PROfile is a secure way to upload a basic resume. It includes the technical skills (services) they are certified to perform, along with their along education and experience.

Employers are able to browse and review BEAUTYPROfiles after creating an employer account. ESG does not collect personal information.

BEAUTYPROfiles is the first step to communicating with your next candidate. You may reach out to them directly to request a resume or interview.

Though ESG asks all individuals to only include skills for which they are certified to perform, we recommend always conducting your own background check and confirming documentation.

We recommend always meeting for interviews in a public place.

BEAUTYPROfiles are discreet to protect the identity and privacy of Service Providers.


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Is chair rental for me?

Post Chair/Room Rental Job Listings Alberta

In a previous article, LinkedIn reports IBISWorld’s notes stating that beauty industry employment will grow steadily through 2017 at a nearly 4% annual rate.

Though these are U.S. figures, Canada is expecting a similar growth rate at 3.1%. In the article What’s Next? Beauty Industry Trends Point to Blooming Booth Rental Market, Elizabeth Kraus discusses relevant industry news as well as 6 ways the growing booth rental market might change the Beauty Industry.

Renting space in your salon/spa has pros and cons. Success in this personnel model depends primarily on 2 factors: your knowledge of rules and regulations on this topic, and the tenant/landlord relationship you conduct.

Like Judiffier Pearson says in the’s article Booth Renting 101: A Guide for Owners and Renters, “The true spirit of booth renting is a tenant-landlord relationship”. Remember, this is an article from the U.S. thereby Canadian information may differ.

If you are well-informed, renting space in your salon or spa can be an excellent method of secure income.

Executive Spa Group provides Alberta beauty industry employers an opportunity to promote their rental opportunities. This is a complimentary service we offer to cultivate Alberta’s beauty industry.

Our job bank features a Room/Chair Rental category where you can post as many details you would like to describe.

Our job bank is free, fast and easy to use. When you post your listing with Executive Spa Group, you are able to post multiple listings for up to 30 days at a time. Candidates submit their resume and other application material directly to you, thereby allowing you to be fully in control of the screening and hiring process.

By advertising in our room rental job bank, you will ensure your posting is seen by beauty professional job seekers across Alberta. Our room rental opportunities job bank can help you reach more qualified service providers than ever before. Simply complete our template outlining the skill set you require and submit it for posting. It’s that easy. And because Executive Spa Group specializes in the beauty industry, finding service providers has never been so easy!
Why post with Executive Spa Group?

  • Our job bank is Alberta Beauty Industry focused
  • Our job bank is visited by Service Providers in Alberta looking for their next employment opportunity
  • attracts top industry employers and job seekers
  • Our job bank is easy-to-use
  • Our job bank is absolutely FREE!

To post your chair/ room rental job listings click HERE.


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Employee vs Contractor -Beauty Industry Staff

beauty industry careers
Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowska

Defining the difference

  • An employee works under an employee/employer relationship.
  • A contractor carries out their work under an independent business/contractor relationship.
  • Chair renters and room renters are self-employed.

Four major differences

We will explore 4 different categories to help you understand the difference between an employee vs contractor:

1. Working Conditions

👉 Pay Schedule

Employees are paid a wage, commission, or a combination on a regular schedule.

Contractors are usually paid solely on commission and receive payment after submitting invoices.

On the other hand, chair or room renters pay a monthly rent to the salon/spa owner.

👉 Training

Generally, the employer pays for an employee’s additional training. Meanwhile, contractors pay for their own training costs.

👉 Hours of Work

Chair or room renters may work during their hours of choosing within the salon’s hours of operation.

In contrast, the employer determines an employee’s hours of work.

2. Tools and Equipment

All necessary tools and equipment are provided and maintained by the employer. However, employees can choose to work with their own tools.

A good service provider will extend the life of any tool or equipment by using it properly and sanitizing it after every client.

On the other hand, contractors provide and maintain their own tools and equipment. Moreover, chair or room renters rent space to provide services.

3. Taxation Deductions/Reporting

A contractor’s pay does not include tax deductions. Subsequently, contractors submit their own federal and provincial tax deductions to the CRA.

On the contrary, an employee’s pay includes deductions. After that, deducted taxes are submitted by the employer to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

SPECIAL NOTE: It is the salon owner’s responsibility to pay EI employer premiums of chair/room renters.

Employees do not collect GST from their clients. Chair or room renters must collect and remit GST if their gross annual revenues reach over $30K.

4. Employment Laws

Alberta’s Employment Standard Code entitles employees to general holiday pay, overtime pay, and minimum wage, in addition to some other benefits.

Unlike employees, the Alberta’s Employment Standard Code does not protect contractors.

In conclusion, there are major differences between an employee vs contractors.

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