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Changing Careers After 30

If your work culture and mission are not parallel to your personal values, it is only a matter of time before you decide no amount of money is worth your time at your current job.

Changing careers is scary but its more common than you think. We have a theory based on observations, our knowledge of human behaviour, and our understanding of social psychology: We go through multiple career changes due to an abundance of career options, and our values changing as we mature.

Many people choose the now-known-as Personal Care Services industry. There are several ways to join, but first we recommend becoming fully informed before making life-changing decisions. We believe choosing a career is dependent among many factors, for example, interests, abilities, work values, personal values, and future life plans.

Where to begin…

ALIS is a great place to start your research. This website will help you gather information about the credentials necessary to reach your goal, and what you can expect in terms of job duties, salary and wages, occupational outlook, plus more!

In addition, if employment is your goal, review job banks in order to have an idea of how likely you are to find a job after training.

However, if you are interested in self-employment, a great tool to start with is the Business Link.

At ESG, we specialize in beauty industry careers. If you are thinking about changing careers. furthering your education, or transitioning back to employment, we can provide industry information and career and employment consulting to help you make the right decision.

Use our online TRAINING 411 Beauty Educator directory to help you get started!

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The author, Silvia Sanchez, graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.A. in Psychology and has over 15 years of experience in the career-consulting field.

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