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Marketing Yourself- Using your Appearance to Grow your Beauty Career


Increase your employability and your clientele by marketing your appearance

Using your Appearance to Grow your Beauty Career

Service providers have an advantage when looking for work in this industry. Unlike other industries, the beauty industry is very visual which means that every service provider has the ability to market their service simply by working on their own appearance.

This might sound unappealing and shallow, but let’s think about it for a minute…

Our industry is about beauty; Making people feel beautiful and giving them confidence by providing services that will enhance their natural beauty. If as a customer I am unhappy with my skin, is it realistic to think I would go to an Esthetician with bad skin? Or if I am interviewing Makeup Artists for my wedding to do our makeup, I will NOT be hiring the Makeup Artist with the bad makeup job!

Yes, it can be unfair that service providers get judged on their appearance. After all, the wedding photographer won’t be judged on the way she looks- she will be given the job based on her portfolio and credentials. As service providers in the beauty industry, we must learn to use these pre-judgments to our advantage!

With this in mind, let’s talk about HOW we will use prejudgments to our benefit. How do we market ourselves?

Before you begin using your appearance to market yourself, it’s important to
  • Be aware of your services’ strengths and weaknesses—where do you excel? Where can you improve in your service? It is important to know yourself and identify your skills and accomplishments, as well as areas of improvement in your services.
  • Identify your customers and potential employers. Which employers have a client-base that would be a good fit for your qualifications, appearance, and work preferences? Do your research before applying anywhere. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more confidence you will have which will be evident in your services. There is a place for everyone in this industry.
Now that you have considered your services and target market, the following step is to present your skills, experience and qualifications using your appearance to get your foot in the door. Once you have your potential employer’s attention, you can use other marketing tools (resume, cover letter, portfolio…) that show the employer you’re the best candidate for the job ☺

TIPS for ALL Beauty Industry Service Providers:
  • As service providers, we are ALWAYS looking for new customers. This includes our time off while we are socializing. While it is unrealistic for us to be on our best behavior at all times, our technical skills should always be evident in ourselves.
  • Always carry your business card. If you are a Nail Tech and someone compliments your nails, you can say, “I did them!” as you give them your business card, and there- you just got yourself a new client, who might get you another 5 clients, and so on…
  • Create a professional social media page. A public Instagram page is a perfect portfolio as you post before and after pictures of your work. It requires pictures only, so you do not have to worry about writing anything. Give yourself an easy user name for people to remember. Remember, the beauty industry is visual, people will judge your work based on what they see…
  • Always act confident and remember- anyone can become your client. Keep your posture in mind, and don’t forget to smile when you meet new people. Get into the habit of shaking hands when you meet new people
  • Always keep your conversations positive when you meet new people. A good service provider makes the service all about the client. Clients do not want a service provider who complains about life! Negative people take from one’s aura; positive people feed the soul 😉
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The author, Silvia Sanchez, graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.A. in Psychology and has over 15 years of experience in the career-consulting field.

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