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Terminating Employees

Terminating Employees

Things don’t always work out. Letting go of employees is never easy. Most employers terminate employees only as a last resort. This is why we decided sharing this information is important in reducing any stress associated with employee termination.


  • Alberta’s Employment Standards Code specifies the notice period employers must give when asking someone to leave a job. This termination notice period depends on how long the employee has worked for you.
  • You must give termination notice in writing and the employee works and is paid regular pay until the end of the notice period.
  • You can offer pay instead of a termination notice. In this case, the employee ends work immediately but is paid for the duration of the notice period.
  • If you ask an employee to stop working immediately or partway through a notice period, you must pay the employee until the end of the notice period.
  • You do not need to provide termination notice if the termination is temporary (up to 59 days)
  • You do not need to provide termination notice if an employee refuses your offer of reasonable alternative work
  • You do not need to provide termination notice if if work is unavailable because of a strike or lockout
  • You do not need to provide termination notice if the employee is terminated for just cause (e.g. theft, violence…)

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Resume Bank for Employers

Beauty Service and Retail Professional Resume Bank

ATTN: Alberta Beauty Industry Employers We know it’s hard to find dependable staff.

Our mission is to cultivate Alberta’s beauty industry by connecting employers with service providers in order to meet their staffing needs.

Our Professional Resume Bank is one of the tools we use to accomplish our goals. This resume bank is a free service to both, employers and workers, dedicated to maximize success rate of meeting staffing demands.

Don’t get swamped with ineligible resumes! Cut time with ESG’s Resume Bank. Our resume bank allows you to browse anonymously and search profiles by industry skills.

Not only does this save you time, it also protects your privacy by avoiding constant job postings on job banks where not only your competitors see your hiring activity, it also sends a message to Service Providers that you are unable to keep staff (whatever the reason may be).

How does the Resume Bank work?

Service Providers and support workers all over Alberta upload their resumes to maximize their exposure to hiring employers. All pertinent information is available, such as education and experience, and most importantly, all the technical skills (services) they are certified to perform.

Though ESG asks all individuals to only include skills for which they are certified to perform, we recommend always conducting your own background check and confirming documentation.

Employers are able to browse and review profiles on the Resume bank after creating an Employer account. If you find any profiles you are interested in, submit your interest directly to them. We recommend always meeting for interviews in a public place.

Why are the Resumes discreet?

The resumes are discreet to protect the identity and privacy of Service Providers all over Alberta.

To use the Beauty Service and Retail Professional Resume Bank, simply visit and create your employer account.

Executive Spa Group
Cultivating Alberta’s Beauty Industry
(780) 604 2772

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Beauty Service & Retail Professional Resume Bank

ESG Beauty Service and Retail Professional Resume Bank

Alberta’s beauty industry is full of employment opportunities. Maximize your job search by posting your resume online for employers to view.

Posting your resume online is an effective way to look for work.

This work search method allows for employers to find you and maximizes your exposure. However, maximizing your exposure should not mean exposing your information. Your job search is personal. A resume holds confidential information that should not be accessible publicly.

At Executive Spa Group, we respect the need for privacy and identity protection. That’s why we have created the ESG Beauty Service and Retail Professional Resume Bank.

Our resume bank allows you to upload your information for Alberta beauty industry employers to view. Simply fill out the profile form and post! We do not collect private information. Employers contact you directly via email. Additionally, only employers that have created an account with us can view your resume. This means your information is protected and can only be viewed by legitimate employers who are actively recruiting staff.

Consider the following notes for protecting your identity when posting your resume online:
  • ESG will never ask you to include your social insurance number, full name, home address, driver’s license number, credit card or bank account numbers, or other personal identifying information on your online resume.
  • Cell phone numbers are generally unlisted, home phone numbers are not, therefore, provide your cell phone number instead of giving out your home phone number.
  • Instead of listing your home address, consider disclosing your city and province only. In general, employers use email to get in touch with candidates, not snail mail.
  • Creating an email address that doesn’t include your full name or other identifying information to be used only for your job search is the safest way to go.
  • Do not include your references in a resume or cover letter. Save that information for when they’ve asked you in for an interview.
  • Always meet with an employer in a public place.

Create your Professional Profile

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