Beauty Service Resume Bank

Our resume bank allows you to upload your information for Alberta beauty industry employers to view.

BEFORE UPLOADING…consider the following notes for protecting your identity when posting your resume:

  • ESG will never ask you to include your social insurance number, full name, home address, driver’s license number, credit card or bank account numbers, or other personal identifying information on your online resume.
  • Cell phone numbers are generally unlisted, home phone numbers are not, therefore, provide your cell phone number instead of giving out your home phone number.
  • Instead of listing your home address, consider disclosing your city and province only. In general, employers use email to get in touch with candidates, not snail mail.
  • Creating an email address that doesn’t include your full name or other identifying information to be used only for your job search is the safest way to go.
  • Do not include your references in a resume or cover letter. Save that information for when they’ve asked you in for an interview.
  • Always meet with an employer in a public place.


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